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- Mod Info: (What's Modified?) Unlimited Gold/Gems, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Cash, Unlimited Unknown Items. - After the end of the event, the corresponding item will go to the market. 6. Recipe Problem: (Non-Paying Licensing) The process of collecting the ingredients needed for further production in the game. For these purposes, you need coins. As soon as a combination of seven or more identical coins falls out, you will receive a recipe by which you can produce the ingredients necessary for production. Recipes can be ordered from merchants. Please note that when ordering them, the cost of the ingredients will not decrease, but rather increase.If the merchant does not have the resource you need, he will be able to sell the goods, but at a price higher than the cost of preparing the ingredient. When using this recipe, you will have to pay for it. The prices for the ingredients are different and range from 3 to 20 coins per item. However, very cheap or rare ingredients can be very cheap. Please also note that after the release of the "Daybreak" add-on, in the table for sale you can find a list of rare ingredients for some professions. Each profession (as well as a group of abilities) has its own recipes. And more importantly, you can build buildings that will generate income directly from the ingredients you need. Problem: (not timely transfer of funds to a personal account): As soon as the event indicated in the table has occurred, the amount of money earned must be transferred to a personal bank account. The table indicates by what time the specified operation must be completed. If you are unable to complete the specified operation within a specific period due to lack of funds, then you will not be able to withdraw money. It must be understood that if you do not pay on time, then trading at an ATM, your security guards and bank employees will have an excuse to go to your home and conduct an authorized search of your home. All the recipes that you have ever bought are profitable as long as you do not sell them or buy new ones. We recommend that you read the information about it before receiving a new prescription. If you still did not have time to buy it before the end of the previous one, you need to find another recipe. 7. Admin Dumping problem - (Establish an equity interest in unprofitable enterprises, even after closing). The sale of goods with a high cost, to the detriment of profits. Solution: (create a new account from which all profits are transferred to the game balance) Enter