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After his brother dies, wealthy Vikram reluctantly returns to India and strikes up an unexpected relationship. He periodically sinks into depression, sometimes pays visits to his ex-wife, but also has an affair with the artist Kali (Kylie Minogue), who has similar feelings for him. During one of the small quarrels, he is disappointed in his woman and finds solace in creativity. While Vikram is tormented by guilt, he accidentally stumbles upon an album with reproductions of his works, containing photographs of his ex-wife and offspring, where he is captured in the form of a deity beloved by the goddess Lakshmi. In general, Vikram likes to feel like a deity, so he is ready to help Kali find lost connections with the outside world. Once in a bar where the Vikrams are warming themselves near the fireplace, they meet Vikraman's ex-wife and learn about the death of her husband. She travels to his city for her honeymoon, and then Vikraman starts looking for ways to get his wife back. He learns of the existence of a temple owned by his old friends who traveled far north. He also learns that there has never been a Vishnu temple in this area. At the very beginning of the journey there, Vikum is hired by a woman who hopes that Vikraman will be able to return her son. They go in search of the temple, but the path is not close. As they move along the road, they meet people who have had an accident on the road. They ask the Vikramans for help, who help them find their way. At the Vikramana temple, a rite of purification is performed for the Rishis (the opera in which they were gods), which purifies the place and restores the energy flows. Before Vikramar was accepted into the temple, he was already a great deity in Indian conceptions. Directed by Lal Krishna Jagannath (Madhava) The role of Vikramar was played by Salman Khan. Vikraman (Raj Kapoor) as Vishakha, his wife, a singer who was once married to Vikraman. Vika Tinlay (Cally) as Gopala, Vikramal's younger sister. Rama Ghosh (Bhairavi) as Sadesh, Vikramal's crazy brother. Kaynulla (Kajdor) — Gayatri, Husband